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Volunteer Descriptions

Waukesha Lacrosse Club, Inc.
2019 Volunteer Opportunities

To view open opportunities go to the Volunteer HERE page.  For credit tracking purposes, please choose the Dibs Session that corresponds to your player's team.  (This page will display the first 100 items available for your player's team.  You must log in to see remaining open items.)

To see the full list of items available to your player's team go to the DIBS page.   You must sign in to view complete list of open items or to "claim" an item.  Please note you must log in with the same user name and password you used to register your player. 

Please note there MAY be opportunities from other teams listed in your team's Dibs Session, as there may be opportunities from other team's open spots. There are some opportunities that are team specific and NOT open for volunteers from other teams.


Contact Information for the Opportunities below:
Youth Related Positions please contact:
            Boys: Allisun Caproon, Youth Boys Director

            Girls: Kelley Langkamp, Youth Girls Director 


High School Related Positions please contact:
            Boys:  Jon Klahr, High School Boys Director           

    Girls:  Holly MCDaniel, High School Girls Director


Volunteer program for Waukesha Lacrosse Club, Inc

Voted and approved by the Board of Directors on November 11, 2014.

General details of the program:

  • Every family will be obligated to fulfill season volunteer opportunities. Details are found below.
  • Families with more than one player will be required to satisfy the volunteer obligations of their oldest and their youngest player.
  • Anyone can volunteer on behalf of a player- it does not have to be their parent or guardian. However, it must be clear from when the volunteer checks in to their event who they are volunteering on behalf of. There will be sign in sheets at all events where volunteers are working or helping.
  • There is no maximum limit. This means if you have fulfilled your obligations but are approached to help, it is because we need help at that moment and we respectfully ask that you consider stepping up even though you “don’t need to volunteer anymore”
  • If you know ahead of time that you will not be able to fulfill your obligations and know that your volunteer check will be cashed, please let your team manager know at the beginning of the season. You will still receive emails regarding opportunities but at least you won’t have your cage rattled during the season. It is too difficult to maintain different email distribution lists.
  • You are expected to find your own substitute if you cannot make an event you signed up for. Your substitute must let us know when they sign in that they are volunteering on your player’s behalf. Please communicate to your team manager if you cannot make it and who is coming in your place. If you “no show” for your event, your volunteer check may be subject to forfeiture (that is, it may be cashed)
  • The team manager will have a sign in sheet for each game. If you don’t sign in, you won’t get credit for being there.  
  • If you have any family circumstance that is going to prohibit you or any part of your family to volunteer, please notify your level director as soon as it becomes known.


The number of games you will be obligated to work will depend on the number of games being played and the roster size, therefore this number will be set after rosters are set.

We are required by the high school conferences and the youth leagues to provide game day staff.

Estimated numbers are projected as follows and are not binding:

High School Boys - 10 Volunteer Opportunities

High School Girls – 10 Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Boys and Girls – 5 Volunteer Opportunities/Family



Boys High School Volunteer Opportunities

Field/Penalty Clock (home games)
Scoreboard (home games)
Announcer (home games)
Game Book (home and away games)
Stats (home and away games)
Spotter (home and away games)
Film (home and away)
Culture Keeper (Team Manager holds this position)

Girls High School Volunteer Opportunities

Scoreboard/Game Clock (home games)
Announcer (home games)
Stat sheet (home and away games)
Stat Spotter (home and away games)
Field Scorebook (home games)
Field Spotter (home games)
Field Setup (home games)

Field Clean Up (home games)

Concessions (home games)

Bus Chaperone (away games)
Film (home and away games)
Culture Keeper (Team Manager holds this position)

Team Dinner


Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Field Clock (home games)
Scorebook (home and away games)
Spotter (home and away games)
Field Setup/Clean Up (home games)
Culture Keeper (home and away games)

You will receive credit for ALL volunteer opportunities (regardless of the number of players you have) if you hold one the following positions:

  • Board of Directors
  • Head or Assistant Coach
  • Team Manager
    • HS Girls - 
    • HS Boys JV - 
    • HS Boys V –
    • Youth Team Manager – (One per team)
  • WLC representative on MAYLA - (Milwaukee Area Youth Lacrosse Association) Board of Directors
  • Booster Club Representative – Responsible for attending the monthly school booster club meetings at the respective high school. Note - it is expected that the Booster Club reps report to the WLC Board of Directors (BOD) and coordinate any WLC activities as they relate to the Booster Club. This position requires the rep to attend all WLC Board of Directors meeting held on the 2nd of Tuesday of every month.
    • West HS Boys -
    • West HS Girls -
    • North HS Boys - 
    • North HS Girls - 
    • South HS Boys -
    • South HS Girls -


You will receive credit for HALF OF YOUR volunteer opportunities if you hold one of the following positions (regardless of the number of players you have):

  • Equipment/Uniform Coordinator - Responsible for the inventory of your teams equipment and uniforms, hand out at the beginning of the season and turn in at the end of the season as well as cleaning of uniforms. 
    • HS Boys-
    • HS Girls -
  • Team Photographer – It is expected that the team photographer take pictures at every game, sharing them on perspective team sites and end of year banquet slide show. Other photographic amenities may be requested.
    • HS Boys – 
    • HS Girls – 

​​​​​​​You will receive credit for TWO volunteer opportunities if you hold one of the following positions (regardless of the number of players you have):

  • Spirit Wear Coordinator - Responsible for contacting and communicating with Scott at Maple Avenue the usage from previous year, new designs, new apparel/product, etc... Responsible for communication to the club on sale dates and pick up dates as well as being present for product pickup dates.
    • Jessica Townsend
  • Senior Night Coordinator (High School) - Responsible for working with coaches on announcement, flowers for mothers, posters and anything else that each team does for this event. 
    • HS Boys- 
    • HS Girls – 
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Responsible for working with the team manager in collecting signed volunteer slips after every day and keeping track of teams' volunteer list. Communicating through the season to team regarding each teams need to complete their volunteering opportunities.
    • HS Boys -
    • HS Girls - Holly McDaniel
  • July 4th Parade Coordinator - Responsible for coordinating with the City of Waukesha to sign up club for parade. Communicating to teams that want to participate and taking the lead on what the club will be doing during the parade. 
  • High School Banquet Coordinator/Youth End of Season Party Coordinator - Responsible for coordinating a date, food, drinks, venue, sound system, slide show projects, collecting money for event, etc... for the end of year celebration. 
    • HS Boys - 
    • HS Girls –
    • Youth Boys -
    • Youth Girls -

You will receive credit for ONE volunteer opportunity toward your total required (total required depends on whether you have one or more than one player) for the following opportunities:

  • High School Banquet Committee Member
  • WLC Committee Member- these are ad hoc committees formed as necessary. Emails will be sent looking for volunteers when appropriate.
  • Youth End of Season Party Helper
  • Youth Picture Day Coordinator
  • Parent Meeting Helper
  • Bus Chaperone
  • Concession Worker (High School games – one per shift)
  • High School Team Dinner (credit for one opportunity if you host the dinner with another family, credit for 2 opportunities if you host alone)
  • Bus Meal - Meal must contain subs/pizza/sandwich, chips and drinks. Dessert optional.


Holly MCDaniel

WLC - High School Girls Director

Jon Klahr

WLC - High School Boys Director

Kelley Langkamp

WLC - Youth Boys Coaching Director

Allisun Caproon

WLC - Youth Boys Director