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Volunteer Opportunities Available

Volunteer - Claiming a Dibs Item

For credit tracking purposes, please choose the Dibs Session that corresponds to your player's team.

Please note there MAY be opportunities from other teams listed in your team's Dibs Session, as there may be opportunities from other team's open spots. There are some opportunities that are team specific and NOT open for volunteers from other teams.

You must sign in to sign up for (claim) an item.  Please note you must log in with the same user name and password you used to register your player.  How to Claim a Dib Vounteer Item HERE.

Family Members:  You can add a family member (parent/guardian) to your player's profile.  This will allow them to sign up for Dibs Items and select your player when claiming a Dibs Item.  How to Add Guardians HERE.

Thank you for volunteering!