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2022 GIRLS U14

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2022 GIRLS U14

  • 2022 Youth Girls U12 Volunteer Requirements are currently set at 6. The number of credits MAY INCREASE OR DECREASE depending upon the total number of players and home games in the season. For credit tracking purposes, please choose the Dibs Session that corresponds to your player's team. Please note there MAY be opportunities from other teams listed in your team's Dibs Session, as there may be opportunities from other team's open spots. There are some opportunities that are team specific and NOT open for volunteers from other teams.

(blank for any)

 Item  Credits  Location  Athlete  Fulfiller  Status  Date/Time  Category
ASSISTANT COACH 8 - MaraP mike paulin Claimed - -
Coach 8 - - - Unclaimed - -
End of the year party 2 - EvelynC Jennifer Carerros Claimed - -
TEAM MANAGER 8 - - - Unclaimed - Youth Girls U14